February/March Special

⭐️February/March Specials ⭐️ 💫Take advantage of my $30 off any Holistic Treatment or Massage💫 Have you ever wondered about the benefits to Reiki , Crystal Healing, Holisitic Hypnosis ,Reiki Massage and all the other Modalities you hear about? Well I’m offering $30 OFF of my Holisitic Services and Massage!😘 Giving... Read more

Energy Rejuvenation Facial -$80

Is an effective, natural alternative to a surgical facelift. Rejuvenation Effect takes place through the adjustment of facial muscle tone, detoxification and cleansing of the skin, and stimulation of the acupuncture meridian system. Crystal Rolers are used as an energitic face lift. By applying the above therapy on the skin... Read more