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Private healing, courses and workshops

We are so excited to have Marco Back  with us this Sept. Sharing more beautiful healing, courses and workshops. He will be joined by two other Shaman.

September 28, 2015 to Oct 5, 2015.

Don Marco and Don Martin will be offering private healing s and readings from September 28, 2015 to Oct 5, 2015. These sessions are approximately one hour long and usually include chakra balancing and clearings, coca leaf readings and counseling. If you are interested in taking part in a session please contact us (613-687-9696) and we will schedule a time for you.

This is an amazing opportunity for deep healing and support! We urge you to take advantage of this visit. Suggested donation: $120, $50 Deposit is required to hold your spot for a private healing.

They will help with: 1. Calling back your lost soul, llamando el anima. He brings people´s life force back when it has been affected by depression, severe stress, accidents, serious illness recovery like cancers, etc. This is a special ceremony because people have to bring their clothes that they will use next morning to replace the lost energy. After the ceremony, you have to return home directly without doing anything else. You must follow the instructions to complete ceremony itself.

2. Personal despachos. These help people to re accommodate their lives, bring better luck, good health, successful business, wealth, love and so on.

3. Personal healings with different items and plants brought from Peru. He analyzes the case then does a special healing, cleansing or whatever is needed for healing. These techniques are based on ancient wisdom from the Andes. They are very difficult to explain because he does prayers and energy replacements.

4. Coca readings, past, present and future.

5. Security. He creates a sort of protection for people who are vulnerable to things in the daily life.

They specialize in the following:

1. Chakra balancing , Andean ways , with KUYAS and HERBS brought from the Andes.

2. Illuminations and re-connections with CHUMPIS which are special stones brought from the Andes. This is a very special ceremony for people suffering from stress, depression and so on.

3. Connection and illuminations, using crystals and mesa stones.

4. Cleansing with an element of earth, water and smashing with Palo Santo and other Andean flavors.

5. Counseling on Andean medicine for people who want to know more about the Andes medicine.


There will be more information updated as the event get closer.

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My name is Jennifer Mathieu I am a Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Author. My life's purpose is to help others heal and discover their True Essence. True Essence Healing Centre takes a Holistic approach to healing . Using Reiki, Crystal healing, Chakra ballancing , Shamanism, Meditation and Life Coaching.