“I have never experienced such love and warmth until I stepped into Jenn Mathieu Holistic Counselling. Jennifer just made me feel so loved and wanted, and Natasha is always making me feel so welcomed and always has a loving smile on that beautiful face of hers… even if they are having a bad day they will go that extra mile to make yours welcomed and loved. They are just like family and I’m glad to say they are all my friends! If anyone is looking for a place just to relax for an hour or just a few minutes you have to step into Jenn Mathieu Holistic Counselling and experience the warmth for yourselves. I promise that you will not be disappointed.” ~ Teresa Hack
“I believe things happen for a reason. I stumbled onto this paradise and totally love the atmosphere and feel totally at home. Had my first of many pamperings today, with my first pedi since 2010, and OMG feel like a girl again. Thank you so much Jenn. And yes, I went in my flannel PJs cause this place feels like HOME. Jenn makes you feel like one of the family and treat you like one of your own. I’m new to the whole crystal healing process and they don’t treat you like a newbie, they were willing to answer any of my questions. It’s like they are long lost friends; so welcoming and so inviting, but never any pressure which is so refreshing. I’m only willing to share my paradise with positive people at work. All I can say about this place is that it’s a breath of fresh air to Petawawa.” ~ Shannon Gray
“I have had the most amazing experiences at Jenn Mathieu Holistic Counselling. I had my first pedicure/reflexology treatment done and I left there feeling relaxed and my back pain was gone! True Essence is a very inviting place to be. Positive environment where you can truly relax and let the healing begin. I received a Reiki/Crystal healing treatment with Jenn and it was truly life changing. I could feel the warmth from Jenn’s hands flowing through my entire body. The treatment left me feeling balanced and energized.” ~ Amy Keller
“Amazing people with an amazing atmosphere, I Loved my massage, and at 9 1/2 mths pregnant it’s pretty uncommon for me to be comfortable, let alone relaxed so I can’t thank them both enough. :)” ~ Roslynn Robin Marlow
“Thanks so much for the wonderful, pampering, relaxing day yesterday Jen. It really helped me relax during this crazy time of cleaning and getting ready to move. My manicure is gorgeous! Everyone loves the colour as do I plus the fact it hasn’t chipped if I am ever back this way I will defiantly drop in for some more relaxation. It was a pleasure to meet you. Blessed be.” ~ Trisch Reid
“Best staff. Best service. Most genuine people! If you’re looking to have energy work done, any esthetics services, or even if you’d like to learn more about meditation, Jenn and her team are the experts!” ~ Michelle Breau
“I just want to take a moment to mention how the staff and owners at Jenn Mathieu Holistic Counselling helped me through my difficult and stressful transition back into civilian life. They taught me relaxing and coping methods to deal with my anxieties and introduced me to a whole new way of life. I’ve had numerous Reiki sessions with Jenn, and every time, I leave feeling grounded and relaxed, a natural high. I have always been a pessimist and very reluctant to try new things. After a little research, and basically I had nothing to lose, I decided to try it out. To my surprise, I’m very glad I did. Reiki unblocked many suppressed emotional scars. This along with the introduction to the Shamans balanced me spiritually and made me feel something I had lost a long time ago. Like a return to innocence. I recommend trying and experiencing this for yourself. You have nothing to lose, and who knows, you might gain yourself back from this stressful world we live in.” ~ Jeff A.
“I highly recommend true essence healing!!!! Jen is truly amazing people and will guide you on the right path . I personally experienced Jens releasing ceremony , angel reading, eyelash tint and Felix’s reiki with crystals along with Jen and all I can say is “POWERFUL AND AMAZING”!! If you are looking for a positive relaxing atmosphere along with setting new goals and changes, then this is the place for you!! Thank you again Jen for my wonderful, powerful and relaxing experience.” ~ Tammy C.
“Amazing staff. So genuine and caring about their customers and their whole wellbeing. After any service you will feel so peaceful and relaxed.” ~ Jen W.
“I would highly recommend true essence it’s your home away from home. It’s such a relaxing atmosphere… Love it there. Great friendly staff and services!” ~ Krista S